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Tom Ford's Surprising Fragrance Model: Erykah Badu!

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courtesy Tom Ford

If you’re anything like us, thoughts of patchouli more likely conure up images of the Grateful Dead than red carpet elegance. But for his latest fragrance, White Patchouli, designer-extraordinaire Tom Ford wants to challenge all your preconceived notions about one of fragrance’s most maligned notes. And not stopping at challenging just our noses, Ford puts his iconic spin on one of music’s most eccentric singers — Grammy winner Erykah Badu, who is insanely glamorous in the black and white ads. As fans of Tom Ford’s past fragrances, we can’t wait to try out his next scent when it launches in September. Tell us: What do you think of the design house’s choice of Erykah as the face of their fragrance? Will you consider wearing a patchouli-based scent?