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Three Things We Must Discuss: Cannes Edition

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INF; Rex USA; FilmMagic

Cannes just keeps getting better and better, but with all the dresses, jewels and fabulous shoes parading by, it’s possible to miss some of the details. Here, we call out three things you’ve gotta see before the next round of gowns this evening.

Carey Mulligan’s Majorly Expensive Earrings: It’s no surprise to see mega-watt jewels on the red carpet at the French film festival (Chopard is an official partner, after all), but even with all that bling, it’s still possible to stop us in our tracks. Mulligan did just that at the Great Gatsby premiere, accenting her pale pink Dior Haute Couture gown with red lips — and a pair of Tiffany & Co. diamond earrings from the Blue Book Collection worth $1.15 million. Add another $112,000 in diamonds in her bracelet and we think she’s got a jewelry collection even Daisy Buchanan would envy.

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Julianne Moore’s Tight Squeeze: From her beautiful hairstyle to her Chopard choker to her lovely Dior Haute Couture gown, we were finding Moore’s Gatsby premiere look delightful. Then we got to the silver platform sandals and noticed something was amiss. Stars tend to wear designer samples (which is why you’ll often see them with too-big or too-small heels) so the toe situation was out of Moore’s control, but our own feet (safely encased in flats today, thank you) ached in sympathy.

Eva Longoria‘s Unusual Traveling Ensemble: The star’s “just-off-the-jet” arrival outfit at Cannes was like a list of things we’d never consider wearing while traveling: White, sheer, delicate and paired with stilettos. Sure, she probably flew private, but still — we don’t know if we can get behind this. After all, no matter how much they cost, pants with a drawstring and elasticized bottoms are still sweatpants.

Tell us: Which Cannes moment has been your favorite so far?

–Alex Apatoff