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Three Stars, One Edgy Braided Hair Look. Who Wore It Best?

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Getty; WireImage; Getty

Not every star can get as “crazy” with their hair as Pink or Jada Pinkett Smith. But what’s a girl famous for her beautiful tresses to do when she wants to add a little spice — sans a major hair makeover?

These three stars all had the same idea, though they attempted it at three different levels of difficulty. Scarlett Johansson (center) kicked off the trend late last year, adding two thin plaits up and across her Veronica Lake-inspired waves like a headband.

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Then a few weeks ago, Jennifer Aniston went for a similar look (see it from all sides here), but with just one braid, the look was a little less funky and a little more glam.

And Wednesday night, Khloé Kardashian went for the boldest look of the three, adding three tight cornrows into her long, side-parted waves, giving us serious Rihanna vibes.

Tell us: Would you try this look? Whose take on the trend is your favorite?

–Alex Apatoff