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Three Hairstyles We'd Like to See Gwyneth Paltrow Try (Besides That Center Part)

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Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic

Gwyneth Paltrow may have no qualms about shaving her pubic region in order to wear an extremely revealing dress, but she’s a whole lot less adventurous when it comes to the hair on top of her head.

The actress currently reigns as PEOPLE’s World’s Most Beautiful Woman, but by keeping her tresses straight, sleek and parted down the middle for, well, forever, it seems as if she’s also gunning for the title of World’s Least Likely to Change Her Hair.

And while we salute her dedication to her signature style (after all, she always looks gorgeous), we’d like to offer up some hairspiration, on the off-chance that Paltrow is considering switching things up. We found three styles (seen on other celebs) that we’d love to see her try.

Gwyneth Paltrow
Rex USA; Startraks; Getty

First up: Blake Lively’s side-swept curls. Really, it wouldn’t be too dramatic a departure from what Paltrow has now. It’s still very timeless. And she’d still get to keep her beloved part, albeit to the side instead of centered. And we’d love to see her with some volume to sex up her pencil-straight hair.

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Now, we know we’re getting crazy with this reco, but we wouldn’t mind seeing Paltrow with some bangs, à la Jennifer Lawrence. The fringe would open a whole new world of styling possibilities for her and they’d provide a flattering frame for her square-shaped face. Come on, Gwynnie, everyone’s doing bangs!

And finally, if curls and bangs ain’t gonna happen (sigh, we tried), we’d like to suggest that the actress put down her flat iron just once and test-drive a fishtail braid like the one Shailene Woodley wore. It’s no-commitment, it’s on-trend and we’d even let her do it with a center part instead of a side one.

So, which of these other hairstyles do you think would look best on Gwyneth?

–Storm Heitman