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Three Hair Looks We Must Discuss From the Weekend

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Getty; AP; Splash News Online

There was lots going on in London this weekend, between Angelina Jolie‘s return to the red carpet and the star-studded Sound of Change concert. And with so many big stars in one place, it stands to reason that there would be three hairstyles we’d have to talk about.

Beyoncé‘s Blonder Hair: The diva has been blonde for a while now, but she made a major Look out of it during her headlining act at the Sound of Change concert. From her ombré roots to her touched-up, more spun-gold hue, it seems like the next step for the star is going to be going totally platinum.

Blake Lively‘s Wacky Updo: Lively’s usually right at the top of the list of stars whose hair we most want to steal. But we weren’t sure how we felt about the bold, braided, bird’s-nest-y look she chose to introduce Florence and the Machine at the Sound of Change show. Perhaps with a sleeker dress, it would have been perfection, but with a turtleneck, bat-wing dress and stacks of bright jewelry, we think this may have been a little too loopy for Lively.

Brad Pitt‘s Luxurious Locks: Sure, Pitt’s fiancé looked lovely at his World War Z premiere, but what we really want to talk about is Pitt’s return to his Interview With the Vampire-era super-long hair. Streaky blonde highlights, flippy layers and a salt-and-pepper goatee accented his new do.

Tell us: Whose hair was most worthy of discussion this weekend? What do you think of the looks?

–Alex Apatoff