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This Root Cover-Up Kit Will Change Your Life (and Save You Mucho Dinero)

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We could tell you what makes this beauty product so freakin’ amazing, list all the reasons editors are hooked on it and write pages upon pages of why you need to add it to your makeup bag right this second. Or we could just let you see for yourself how incredible it is. Watch and be amazed…

It was an editor at who first turned us on to the ColorWow root touch-up kit. She was getting frustrated that her grays were showing just a few weeks after spending a lot of money to get her color done. She brushed on the product in the bathroom mirror at work then spent a full five minutes marveling at her reflection.

And then she called her salon to push her next color appointment back a few weeks. Yes, it’s that good. (Check out a Vine video of her transformation here.)

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One of the coolest parts about this stuff is that’s it’s waterproof, meaning you can jump in the ocean or a pool (or wear it to a spin class and sweat like crazy) without the color washing out. It stays bonded to your strands until you use shampoo on it.

It comes in six shades and as Zoë explains in the video, you can mix them if you have highlights or various tones in your hair.

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Order the kit by clicking here. And don’t forget to enter PEOPLE10 if you’re a new customer to get 10% off your purchase of $50 or more and free shipping. Now start thinking about how you’re going to spend all the money you’ll save by getting your color done at the salon less frequently…