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The Weirdest Video You'll Watch All Day: Rihanna Drinking Out of a Shoe

Posted on

Courtesy Damien Piron

Talk about a well-heeled drink! In Chapter 7,589,345 of the best-selling series “The Fabulous and Utterly Ridiculous Life of Rihanna,” the singer decides she’s too cool for champagne glasses. Instead, she drinks out of a sky-high black pump. And there is a video to prove it.

Earlier this week, RiRi was caught by a fellow clubgoer (at the Sugar Ultra Lounge in Barbados) swigging her cocktail from a shiny black shoe with a super high lucite — or possibly glass — heel, which looks nearly impossible to walk in.

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Yes, we can hear you “eww-ing” from here, but let’s consider what might be going on: a.) It’s actually some kind of new tumbler shaped like a shoe, therefore it was never actually on her foot (or anyone else’s) b.) It’s a new Christian Louboutin style (the sole looks red in the photo above) that was gifted to RiRi right before she went to the club, so it’s never been worn. c.) It’s actually the shoe she wore to the club.

Basically, we’re left to debate whether this is just downright disgusting or a new trend in glassware? Watch the video below (courtesy of Instagram user Damien Piron), then share your thoughts with us in the comments!

–Brittany Talarico