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The Secrets of the J. Lo Glow Revealed!

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Michael Becker/FOX

As a judge on
American Idol
, Jennifer Lopez has impressed us this season with her ear for talent — and her gorgeous skin and makeup. How does she manage to look so good, in high definition, no less? For starters, she sticks with the bare essentials. “I’m a big believer in the basics. Less is more,” she tells
. “I use a very mild makeup remover and a very basic sunscreen-moisturizer combo, and I try to get lots of sleep.” And even though she’s attempted some questionable beauty trends in the past, she doesn’t regret any of them. “I stand by all my awful looks,” she says, laughing. While Lopez spends a decent amount of time getting dolled up for the red carpet, where she says she feels most beautiful, she explains that it’s important to remember that beauty comes from within — a mantra that she plans to pass on to her daughter, Emme, 3. “You can be the most physically beautiful girl, but if you’re not a beautiful person, that shows,” she says. “So I really do teach her to love herself and to know that beauty is something that comes from the inside.” That likely applies to her signature skin look, then, which has been touted the ‘J. Lo Glow.’ “I love that! I didn’t know I had my own phrase,” she tells the mag. “I love that the idea of having healthy glowing skin … that people think that of me. That’s awesome.” –Kim Peiffer