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The Secrets Behind Courteney Cox's Lush Lashes and Bright Eyes

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Tina Kaawaloa/INF; Courtesy Photos

True, she has makeup artists at her beck and call, but when she’s at home, Courteney Cox takes care of her own skincare and makeup, thank you very much. And in her latest blog for, the Cougar Town star dishes on her “eye care solutions,” the tools she uses to keep her peepers pretty.

Cox “loves” her new Shiseido eyelash curler (bottom left), “less rounded so it’s easier to curl all your lashes evenly,” she explains. Next comes her Paul Scerri eye cream, which she explains is “really rich, but absorbs easily. Also great to use on a plane.”

To cover up any undereye circles, Cox turns to concealers from Laura Mercier (top right) and Edward Bess. “I alternate depending on how dry my skin is,” she shares, adding, “Laura’s is more moisturizing.” And to highlight her eyes, she uses Anastasia eyebrow pencil in medium brown (top left) to draw attention to the area.

For lengthy lashes, Cox is a fan of Latisse (though she’s not a spokeswoman for the brand). “It’s expensive,” she admits, “but really does make your lashes grow thicker and longer.” And to add even more dimension, she swipes YSL Volume Effet Faux Cils mascara (bottom right) on the top and bottom lashes. “I never get black dots under my eyes,” she boasts. Tell us: What products do you use on your eyes?