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The Scoop on 'Glee' Going Gaga With Costumes

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Adam Rose/FOX

Glee fans, get ready to go Gaga! Following in the footsteps of Glee‘s Madonna-inspired episode, tonight ‘s show will not only remake Lady Gaga’s greatest pop hits like “Bad Romance” and “Poker Face,” but will also showcase the best of the chanteuse’s signature styles. “This episode is a tribute to her genius,” Lou Eyrich, costumer for the show, dishes to “The costumes are not replicas; we wanted it [to] look like the kids made them.” So what will the cast wear? “Rachel [Lea Michele] wears two outfits,” Eyrich tells InStyle. “The first is inspired by Gaga’s Kermit the Frog dress: She goes through her stuffed animals at home and staples all of them to her dress. The second is like the dress Gaga wore with the big silver mirrored triangle.” As for Gaga’s memorable bubble dress? “It was really heavy,” Eyrich admits of Tina’s outfit. “And it made a lot of noise.” Though all wardrobe items were designed to have a handmade look and feel, Eyrich says that she didn’t even attempt to recreate Alexander McQueen’s 10-inch ‘Armadillo’ platforms. “I’m a huge McQueen fan so I wanted to do them justice,” Eyrich says. “We tried to buy them [for Kurt (Chris Colfer)], but we would have needed a woman’s size 13. They don’t make them that big.” To see all of the stellar outfits, watch Glee tonight on Fox at 9/8c or check out for more information. —David Yi