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The Scoop on Cate Blanchett's $11,000 Shoes!

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Gaye Gerard/Getty

French brand Roger Vivier is known for their pricey buckled shoes, which can range anywhere from $396 for signature flats to four digits for boots. For the Helpmann Awards this week in Australia, Cate Blanchett donned a pair of limited edition Roger Vivier Limelight America platform heels with sequined star detail and Swarovski crystal buckles. The shiny heels made the rest of Roger Vivier’s heels look downright affordable with a startling $11,000 price tag! We are all for splurging on designer heels, but $11,000 for one pair? That’s our fantasy shoe budget for the year! Tell us: What is the most you are willing to spend as a splurge on shoes?