Kate Hogan
September 13, 2011 05:00 PM

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She admitted that she was “terrified” to present her collection at New York Fashion Week, but Rachel Zoe had nothing to worry about Monday as she met with editors, buyers and stars who seemed to universally love her looks.

“It’s amazing,” pal Molly Sims told PEOPLE. “You can really see the influences from all the different designers she’s worked with over the years. She’s got an ode to Missoni, an ode to Pucci. Beautiful. You can see her love of Tom Ford. So well done.”

Zoe said a lot of her looks were inspired by years past. “I’m a vintage freak,” she told PEOPLE. “So clothes that are reminiscent of vintage style are going to be what I do.”

Reviewers seemed to think many of her pieces were items she’d wear herself — and Zoe agreed. “I can’t ever design anything that I would not wear myself. And if I can’t see myself in it, or someone close to me in it, it doesn’t happen,” she shared. “I have to picture that person wearing it. And that has a lot to do with the process.”

The models at the presentation seemed to resemble Zoe a bit, too, and hair stylist Frédéric Fekkai said that was done on purpose. “This girl has gorgeous hair, a lot of hair, good color, a lot of style,” he told PEOPLE. “But this is also the hair of today. It’s glamorous, it’s stylish, it has great sex appeal, but it’s undone, it’s lived in … but with great texture.”

As Zoe greeted admirers, husband Rodger Berman looked on with pride. “It’s such a great moment,” he said. “It’s like giving birth. It’s making me proud.” Not that Zoe’s business-minded other half wasn’t thinking about additional benefits of the line, too. “I was joking earlier, ‘Look Skyler, it’s your inheritance!'”

Jokes aside, it seemed that for Zoe, the shift from stylist to designer was an easy one. “It’s a wonderful transformation,” Berman said. Added Zoe, “It’s strange, but it just felt very natural. And easy. But at the same time, it’s new to me … so I’m [still] petrified.”

–Kate Hogan, with reporting by Jeffrey Slonim


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