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The Naked Dress Trend Has Just Reached Its Logical Conclusion Thanks to Actress Meredith Ostrom

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Dave Benett/Getty

When it comes to millennial red carpet dressing, it seems that the skimpier the dress the better. Over the years, celebs have increasingly favored looks that are either totally flesh colored,  head-to-toe sheer, or at the very least create the illusion that they are. But actress Meredith Ostrom just took the barely there look to its most logical extreme, refusing to let the Serpentine Summer Garden Party’s dress code keep her from shining, and ditching the nearly nude pretense altogether in favor of a dress that puts absolutely everything on full display.

We know what you’re thinking. First things first, who in the world is this glamorous woman who goes by the name Meredith Ostrom? According to her IMDB, it appears she’s an actress with roles in films such as Factory Girl, playing Nico, Love Actually, as Billy’s Video Vixen, and most importantly, Lizzie in Sex and the City in the episode where Carrie’s Manolos get stolen. She was also apparently linked to Duran Duran’s Nick Rhodes for man years, and clearly some of that rock star attitude rubbed off.

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The actress attended the elegant Serpentine in London affair on Wednesday night wearing the evening gown version of those airbrushed bikini body t-shirts you can find on most boardwalks, except minus the whole swimsuit part. Ostrom’s dress, designed by British pop art brand The Rodnik Band, features a cartoon outline of a woman’s naked body entirely constructed out of beads, complete with tan lines, pubic hair, and all.

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But while you would think this dress would have our full, rapt attention, we can’t help but wonder what’s happening with that clutch over there. Is that a hambone dangling from her shoulder? An ovary? A severed arm? After examining every photo that exists of this ensemble from all possible angle, we’re still no closer to an answer than when we began. Meredith, if you’re reading this, let us know as soon as humanly possible about every single thing that’s going on here. Inquiring minds desperately need to know.

Meredith Ostrom Naked DressCourtesy The Rodnik Band

UPDATE: The designer has reached out to us confirm that the bag is in fact a ham bone. You may all rest easy now.

What do you think of Meredith’s nude illusion dress? Would you wear it? Sound off below!

–Emily Kirkpatrick