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The Last Water Bottle You'll Ever Buy (P.S. It's Great for Mixing Cocktails, Too)

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We know drinking water is good for us and that there about a million and four health benefits to getting enough of it. Our complaint, though, is that it’s not that exciting. Which is where this genius water bottle comes in…

We’ve become a bit addicted to fruit-infused H2O since discovering the Flavourit bottle. And unlike just dropping slices of lemons and berries in a pitcher, this water bottle is designed to get a ton of flavor out of whatever you’re adding to your drink.

What kind of flavor? Think: fresh fruit (like strawberries, lemon, and and more) and herbs (like mint, basil and even rosemary). These natural ingredients will add a kick of flavor to your boring water. Plus, depending on what fruits to choose to add in, you could be amping up your nutrient and antioxidant intake for the day.

And if you watched the full video, you’ve realized that we’re, uh, not using the Flavourit for just water. This thing has seriously elevated our at-home bartending since we can now make strawberry-flavored vodka-tonics, Dark-and-Stormies with actual pieces of ginger and rum-and-Cokes with a couple cherries added in. Talk about exciting! With the added real, fresh ingredients, your made-at-home cocktails will go from flavorless to flavorful in mere seconds. Trust us!

Get an exclusive 10% discount on $50 or more (to bring down the price to less than $15 a bottle), plus free shipping, by entering PEOPLE10 at checkout. And be sure to let us know how you’re flavoring your water (or other beverages!).

(Oh, and if hot coffee and tea are your thing, you must check out this other amazing bottle that keeps drinks hot for a full 12 hours and cold for an entire day.)

Happy shopping and sipping!

–Zoë Ruderman