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The Kardashian Sisters Have It Made In Their Braids

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X17online; Xposure USA; Pacific Coast News

We hope you were sitting down when you clicked on this post, because we know the sight of a Kardashian wearing a hairstyle other than long, glossy waves could be a little shocking.

And yet: The sisters must all be following each other on Pinterest (or reading the PEOPLE StyleWatch blog), because they’ve all worn a variation of a braided updo within the last few weeks.

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Kim wears a very “done” updo, with two tight Dutch braids winding back into a knot. Khloé‘s is more of a “Heidi” style, with a center part and messy locks. And Kourtney (naturally) goes chic, pinning her two plaited tails into a frame for her new bangs.

We must be drinking the Kardashian Kool-Aid this week, because after loving their self-tanner, we’re also totally into these pretty braids on the stars. But we want to know: What do you think of their latest hair craze?

–Alex Apatoff