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The Hottest Fashion Illustrator Right Now Is a 52-Year-Old Suburban Dad

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@guineapiggiles wow! @drue just told me about this at dinner! Congrats! The best Giles!

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Designers and fashionistas often find inspiration in all sorts of places — from movies, from nature, from travel, from history, and in some cases, from the Instagram of a New York-based dad and creative director. Donald Robertson, 52, found himself serving as the inspiration for Giles Deacon recently, when the designer used Robertson’s lip print sketches as a print in his fall/winter 2014 collection. Then the piece made it on to the cover of InStyle UK, worn by Emilia Clarke.

Though his ascent has been rapid, Robertson is no stranger to the fashion world. His quirky, irreverent takes on famous faces (Kanye West, Lupita Nyong’o and Vogue‘s Anna Wintour are frequent subjects), designer labels (he’s created Louis Vuitton “luggage” out of trash) and pop culture phenomenon (Pharrell retweeted Robertson’s ketchup-and-toast take on his collaboration with Comme des Garcons).

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In his day job, he’s a father of five and a creative director of special projects for Estée Lauder. But his on-the-side artwork has garnered enough attention that he now sells the prints on Trendabl. Says Robertson, who’s compared to Andy Warhol but lists Damien Hirst and Wes Anderson as influences, “This is a 100 percent unexpected thing. I’m just some schmoe-y guy who lives in surburbia.”

See (and read) more from Robertson at the New York Post, and check out some of our favorite recent pieces, below.


A post shared by Donald Robertson (@drawbertson) on

@rinajstone my 5 children thank you! Gorgeous frame and I love that you have it! Cheers. D

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@guineapiggiles I'm sending you a care package of fun stuff!

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@juliebstone I had in my archive as a #impossiblecollaboration

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How to upstage the #oscars

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–Alex Apatoff