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The Discontinued Beauty Products We Wish Would Make a Comeback

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Nineties kids, get ready for this. In honor of Bath and Body Works’s #FlashbackFragrance collection — filled with all the old favorites, including Cucumber Melon, Country Apple, Pearberry and more — we’re kicking it old school with some of our must-have scents from the ’90s. Happy Throwback Thursday!

Bath & Body Works Cucumber Melon
Courtesy Bath and Body Works

Bath and Body Works Cucumber Melon
Sarah Kinonen, Style & Beauty Editorial Assistant: I know I’m not the only one when I say that when Bath and Body Works discontinued its iconic Cucumber Melon collection years ago, I cried writing about it in my Lisa Frank journal. How can you take away my beloved crisp summery scent (that I wore 365 days a year)? Praise you, Bath and Body Works gods, for making all of my middle school dreams come true (again). If you need me, I’ll be heading to the nearest B&BW to pick up ALL of the melon citrus-scented bottles to last me through the next 10 years or so.

Bonne Bell Bottled Emotions
Lindsay Schallon, Senior Style Editor: Before there were emojis, there were Bonne Bell Bottled Emotions — adorably packaged perfumes that smelled like teen spirit and whatever mood you were trying to convey. On any given day in the late ’90s, you could find me debating among the sweet and girly “Romantic” (today’s equivalent of a kissy face); “Sassy,” a soft floral fragrance with a cat on the bottle (which would obviously be replaced with the Sassy Girl Emoji if it were to be resurrected) and “Flirty,” a scent I mainly reserved for Friday night dances when I knew my ~*cRuSh*~ would be there. Middle school me was clearly very bold.

Outrageous Shampoo and Conditioner
Andrea Lavinthal, Style and Beauty Director: The only thing better than the commercial for this ’90s shampoo and conditioner, featuring Cindy Crawford tossing around her glossy and voluminous mane, was the scent, which smelled more like an expensive perfume than a drugstore hair product. Plus, the black bottles with super-glamorous gold and red accents felt so chic. I’d trade all six of the fancy-schamncy salon formulas in my shower right now for one bottle of Outrageous.

#gapdream #perfume from #1995 today

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Gap Dream
Alex Apatoff, Senior Style Editor: The tall frosted glass bottle is what most people associate with the iconic ’90s scent, but my #TBT has to be true to life — which is why I sought out this Insta of the battered metal “travel size” atomizer. I had that thing in my hideous crochet purse and would spritz it from morning until night. I loved how grown-up it seemed — nothing like the fruity, headache-inducing scents my friends liked. It’s a blessing that Gap no longer sells it, because catching a whiff of it on the street would send me right back to dancing to the “Grease Medley” in the Valley Forge Middle School gym.

Are you excited Bath and Body Works is bringing back some of its classic scents? Do you have a favorite throwback beauty product? If so, what is it? Share below!

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