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The Best Lotion You've Never Heard Of

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“I’m huge in Japan.” That’s what this lotion would say if it could talk. The Yu-Be formula has been a best-seller over there for years, but has always been hard to find (or really expensive) in the U.S. And as soon as we tried it, we were hooked. Watch the video below to see why this little rockstar is so popular overseas.

Yu-Be does everything a lotion should do (hydrates, obviously), but so much more. It’s non-greasy, can be used right on your face as a moisturizer or on your lips as a balm, diminishes the appearance of scars, has been found to be helpful for those suffering from eczema and dermatitis and has no scent so it won’t compete with your fragrance.

This editor has even tried shaving with the lotion, and it works really well, especially if you tend to get bumps or rawness from razors.

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We’re hooking you up with an exclusive price, too. You can order both the jar and the tube for under $35 (with the discount code PEOPLE10 for first-time shoppers if you spend $50 or more; $35 for everyone else), plus free shipping. We keep the jar at home and throw the tube in our bag so it’s always handy.

We know it’s not exactly the cheapest lotion out there, but it’s worth the price — we promise.

–Zoë Ruderman