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TFW When You're Kris Jenner and Staples Drags Your Necklace Line on Twitter

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Kris Jenner Collection

You don’t become the world’s preeminent momager by simply sitting back and resting on your laurels. You have to get out there every day and find all new ways to monetize, promote, and get publicity for your clients, i.e. yourself and your nearest and dearest. And no one knows that hustle more acutely than Kris Jenner who continues to blaze trails for entrepreneurial parents everywhere, most recently launching her own line of pearl jewelry in partnership with Debut Networks. But office supply store Staples had some choice words about the Kardashian matriarch’s latest necklace design that have set Twitter on fire like Angela Bassett and the car in Waiting to Exhale.

On June 28, Kris innocently tweeted about the latest addition to her Kris Jenner Signature Collection line of jewelry, the “Elegance” pearl necklace, which features eight 14MM white organic man-made pearls strung together on a chain of thin silver links. The necklace quickly garnered comparisons to pearls held together by paper clips, prompting Staples Canada to chime in with a perfectly teed-up burn:

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And since then Twitter has absolutely exploded in response to the company throwing such serious shade, with users tweeting a string of GIFs of people screaming and manically laughing while others proclaimed this the front runner for tweet of the year, nay the century.

And given the reality star’s radio silence on the subject, it appears Kris has no intention of clapping back anytime soon. Let this be a lesson for all of us: If you’re going to come for the office supply jewelry market, you best be prepared for a sick Twitter burn.

What do you think of Kris’s necklace? Do you think Staples burn was well deserved or off-brand? Sound off below!

–Emily Kirkpatrick