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Texting From World Music Awards!

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What’s it like to work the red carpet of a big award show? PEOPLE’s Galina Espinoza is with Billy Bush from Access Hollywood at the World Music Awards. As the stars stopped to chat with Billy, Galina sent in text messages with her VIP POV.

Remember Natalie Imbruglia?
She dated David Schwimmer for 5 minutes and had that huge hit single, “Torn” years ago. Well, her eyes are as big and blue as ever, but she’s got from dramatically dark to Barbie blonde!

Paris Hilton Drives The Crowd Wild!
Her dress is quite pretty: short and gold, it’s very flapper-meets-showgirl. She graciously signs autographs for the fans screaming, Paris! Paris! Her dress is by Cavalli, who she is sitting with tonight. She’s also wearing blue eyeshadow and long false eyelashes. Paris tells Billy Bush that reports of her feuding with Lindsay Lohan is “silly stuff that people make up.”

Michael Jackson Arrives
It’s 7:57 and he just got out of the car-he’s walking across the red carpet surrounded by press and the fans are screaming. I can’t quite see him yet as he’s literally engulfed by cameras.

He has now walked over to greet fans — he’s wearing black sunglasses and a black sequinned jacket and a black button down shirt with rhinestone buttons and black velvet pants. I am in serious danger of getting trampled by the dodging photogs!

(p.s. He’s also got on black suede boots with heels and pointy toes. His hair is long and black, and he’s wearing lipstick!)

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Photo: Frank Micelotta/Getty

Backstage with Beyonce
I am now backstage with Beyonce as she prepares to open the show — she’s wearing what looks like a red shiny coat — it’s really dark back here!! She takes a final breath and heads onstage.

My Feet Are Killing Me!
After Michael headed inside, all the press — including me in my 3-inch heels! — ran after him as he was whisked into the bowels of the arena and then taken out a side door, where a car waited to take him to a nearby dressing room. Then we ran into Beyonce right before she went on to perform.

My feet are torn up from all the photogs stepping on them!! (I’m wearing leggings.) Seriously, I’m bleeding. This is a rough game — and who knew Michael could still create such a frenzy?

Just Saw Lindsay
She’s wearing one of the big trends of the night: a super-short dress! It’s backless, and has a medium-sized bow on one shoulder (that Charlize really started something at the Oscars!).

Beyonce Just Walked By
Having changed from her red frock into a nude, beaded mini-dress that looks very Bob Mackie. She’s almost petite! Seriously — we’re both in high heels, so it’s hard to tell, but she’s definitely not taller than I am. (I’m 5’5″ in flat feet.) And while she’s curvy, she ain’t big!!

Thriller Time
Chris Brown — who is doing a Michael Jackson tribute — just walked past wearing Michael’s “Thriller” outfit: red sleeveless vest with black stripe and matching red pants.

Goodnight, Michael
After waiting more than an hour for Michael to perform, we give up. It’s 10 pm, our feet hurt and there’s no word when Michael will emerge. Apparently, we’re not the only ones who lost patience: as we head outside, a few members of the audience are heading for the exits.

Now it’s home to pack, as Billy and I leave for Rome tomorrow on the 6:40 am flight to meet up with the TomKat crowd.

Good night!

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