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Tell Us: What's Your Favorite Lip Gloss?

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In this week’s PEOPLE magazine, StyleWatch introduces you to Randi Shinder of Fusion Beauty Inc., who created the cult beauty item LipFusion, the plumping lip gloss that many Hollywood starlets are addicted to (like Jessica Alba). The story got us talking around the office, and we quickly realized we are passionately devoted to the little tubes and tubs we carry around in our purses. Some of our favorites include Too Faced Diamond Gloss, LipFusion (of course) and Bigelow Mentha Lip Tint, all shown here. Click through to the next page to read more and tell us: What is YOUR favorite lip gloss?

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Amy K. says:
I have a whole bag in my purse just for lipglosses…. Here are my absolute faves:
1. MAC Lipgelee in Glosspitality: It’s a perfect coral color gloss and it’s not as sticky as their LipGlass. Thank God!
2. Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush lipgloss in Latte Love. It’s a perfect sheer coco color that’s smells like latte and they are sold 1 for $7, 2 for $10
3. (And my bare essential) Burt’s Beeswax lip balm.

Melissa L-G says:
Here’s my top 3:
1. Too Faced Diamond Gloss, which tastes just like icing. Love the Lilac, which is just a hint of color with tons of sparkle.
2. Hard Candy Sweet Spot— the most amazing fruit punch childhood memory scent and intense sheer color (Try Psychedelic- a beautiful fuschia).
3. Tarte Superglosses. Named after famous couples (Fred & Ginger, Ferris & Sloane), the double ended glosses snap in and out so you can mix n’ match. Brilliant!

Laura says:
For a pretty color I’m a very big fan of Guerlain…#61 I also enjoy CO Bigelow…They make tinted glosses that are mint-infused (and taste like mints).

Amy says:
Love CO Bigelow Mentha!! Plus…Pout Plump and a big fan of Hard Candy Sweet Spot.

Andrea says:
I am obsessed with
760911″target=”_blank”>Pout Plump in original. It gives every lip color an added shine when applied first and gives lips an extra boost.

Sanam says:
Elizabeth Arden Shine Pops. Blaze color. Great color, shiny but not sticky and tastes like fruit!

Sandi says:
This is the best question EVER! Here are my picks:
1. Lip Fusion – love that tingling sensation
2. Kiehl’s – tinted lip balm with SPF 15
3. Laura Mercier – great colors (icky taste)
4. Chanel – great colors, lots of shine

Alison G. says:
I love Lancome’s Juicy tubes as they add just the right amount of color and shine but don’t make my hair stick to my lips!

Catherine says:
Juicy tubes and Chanel are my favorites though I recently heard they discontinued my favorite color of Chanel – giggle 😦

Melissa says:
For lipbalm, nothing beats Smith’s Rosebud Salve. It moisturizes, plumps, and adds a pretty sheer tint of natural color to your lips. I’m one of those rare “lipstick always” girls, but I always finish off my lipstick with a touch of gloss for shine and hydration. My favorite lipgloss for this is Styli-Style’s Plastique Hi-Shine Lipgloss in Flirty Martini. I love it because it has high shine factor without any stickiness, a must if you have long hair that you DON’T want getting stuck in your gloss!

Clarissa says:
Giorgio Armani lip shimmer #5

Katie says:
I agree about Lip Fusion- it is a must-have! I also like Dior Kiss and Chanel

Claudia says:
Tarte is the best! The one with two sides. And Dior Kiss and Lancome Juicy Tubes.

Serena says:
I love Aveda’s Lip Glaze in Cacao Bean — it goes on smooth, gives a nice rich tint and it’s not sticky at all.

Joyce says:
MAC Lipglass in Underage. I started using it when I was 16 and was dating an older guy so it kind of fit.

Elizabeth says:
My favorite lip gloss is solid tie between:
1. Mark. Electro-lights: all the glosses themselves are clear in color—the color of each of the 6 tubes correspond to a subtle flavor (green is apple, red is strawberry…) I am obsesssed with these.
2. Fresh lip shine in daphne and aster: these have just a touch of sheer color, zero stickiness, and come in a slim tube that fits in my skinniest clutch.

Rina says:
I can’t get enough of NARS lip glosses. I hate putting on gloss and minutes later finding that the wind has attached a chunk of my hair to my face since the gloss is so super gluey. These aren’t sticky at all. All-purpose color: Pillow Talk.

Fran says:
I use Tony & Tina tinted lip balm and I also love Prada’s Shielding Balm Tint 5 (with spf 15!)