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Teen Wolf Star Holland Roden Shares Her Top Five Summer Makeup Secrets

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Spending 16-plus hours under hot lights on set for Teen Wolf means that actress Holland Roden deals with melting makeup all the time. So when we caught up with her at a Simple Skincare event in N.Y.C., we had to find out how she beats the heat all year round. Catch her best tips below!

Holland Roden MakeupLionel Hahn/AbacaUSA/Startraks

1. For every day, a “patch-work” concealer technique is all you need.
“My big thing for summer is not wearing foundation but wearing concealer,” she tells PeopleStyle. “So just spot check, spot check, spot check. I’ve never understood why we do a full face foundation if 80% of its [your skin] is great, maybe 20% is a little ruddy or there are breakouts. You can patch those things up — ‘patch work’ is my favorite term for it.”

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2. But for a dewy look, sometimes a drop of foundation is key.
On set, Roden swears by a Beauty Blender, a spritz of water, and a tiny bit of foundation for a full-coverage, glowing-from-within look that stays in place. “It creates a dew effect if you don’t have highlighters,” she says. “Actually it’s a two for one. You get coverage as well as a highlighter.”

3. If you’re going to be seen in broad daylight, do your makeup by the window.
“I’ve always been scared of doing my makeup by the window because I almost don’t want to see what’s there,” Roden laughs. “But everyone else is gonna see it so you might as well be working with reality. I like to do my makeup in what I call ‘fancy people lighting’ — it’s this nice museum lighting where I’m like, ‘I have amazing skin! What are you talking about?’ And then you walk out and it’s straight sunlight.”

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4. Wear bold lipstick with caution.
While Roden is a huge fan of a bold lip, she wears bright shades only when appropriate. “If I know I’m gonna be talking a lot, I do keep that in mind,” she says. “Whereas if I was gonna be a guest at a wedding, a bold lip might be a little more appropriate when not so many eyes were on me. There needs to be logic involved — it’s a functional thing.”

But when she does go for it, lip liner is her savior.
“If you do a full lip liner underneath your lipstick, and you have a lipstick that comes off, the lip liner is gonna save you,” she advises.

5. And at the end of the day, commit to taking it all off.
“It does take 15 to 20 minutes to take off my makeup, but you kind of have to commit to that,” Roden says of her must-have ritual for keeping her skin clear. “I use Simple’s wipes before I cleanse — I feel helps get the makeup off, so when you’re actually cleansing, you’re actually cleansing instead of just moving the makeup around.”

What do you think of her tips? Tell us below!

— Jillian Ruffo