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Teen Kings: Who Rules The Red Carpet?

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The Oscars, the Grammys, and… the Teen Choice Awards? Everyone’s buzzing about the August 20th show, thanks to Jessica and Nick’s first public appearance as used-to-be-weds and the hype around Kevin Federline’s debut performance. But I am personally more interested in who wins the Male Red Carpet Fashion Icon award. And it looks like K-Fed is, too. Instead of focusing on his big debut performance , he is actively campaigning to win this prize. Though he is known for his unique casual style, it seems he has been cultivating a red carpet look based around screen printed blazers and retro sneaks (left).

Sorry to disappoint the man of the hour, but I have to give my vote to another. My pick goes to Terrence Howard (right). In addition to being a major talent, he wears a suit with all the grace and class that one swoony girl could ask for.

Who do you think should win? Click through to the next page and weigh in! Melissa Liebling-Goldberg

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Photo: Unimedia/PKImages, Tony Barson/WireImage