September 12, 2012 01:00 PM

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Taylor Swift‘s got it all: a hugely successful career, a Kennedy boyfriend, a CoverGirl contract — and an enviable wardrobe.

The superstar — whose second fragrance, Wonderstruck Enchanted, hits counters next month — is known for her ultra-girlie, vintage-inspired style, but that doesn’t stop her from admiring another celeb’s daring, fashion-forward wardrobe.

“I would totally go through Zoë Saldana‘s closet,” Swift reveals in the October issue of PEOPLE Country. “That girl knows how to dress.”

Swift does, too; however, she describes her aesthetic as routine (“Dresses are my complete comfort zone,” she shares). But unlike most famous fashionistas, her must-have accessories aren’t an expensive bag or designer heels. She prefers something simpler: a headband or “black classic-looking sunglasses.”

That’s not to say she doesn’t splurge occasionally. “I have this classic pearl necklace [that] I’m pretty sure was expensive,” Swift reveals. “But I wear it all the time because it makes me feel super classy.”

For more of the star’s style and beauty secrets, pick up the October issue of PEOPLE Country, on newsstands now. Tell us: What do you think of Swift’s sense of style?

–Jennifer Cress


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