July 12, 2012 02:30 PM

“See yourself, be yourself,” is CoverGirl’s latest campaign message, and brand spokeswoman, Taylor Swift, can relate to the tagline.

“I think it’s really important,” Swift says in a behind-the-scenes video (above). “I look at the ‘See yourself, be yourself’ as kind of a self-awareness.”

For the ad, the superstar dons four different looks including ‘rocker-rebel,’ ‘country boho’ and ‘glam.’ And though the CoverGirl says she feels most confident in the latter look, there’s a time and a place for the others. “This is something [rocker-rebel style] I kind of like to pull out every once in awhile — like at an award show or a party or something like that,” she admits.

Would the blonde-banged singer describe herself as a rebel? That’s up for debate. “In some ways but not in others,” she explains. “In some way, I feel like you just pick which ways you want to rebel.”

Something she is comfortable pushing boundaries with is style. “I try to experiment as much as I can with fashion and makeup looks,” she admits. “My inspiration for different looks — as far as makeup — is things I see one of my fans wearing in a meet-and-greet line.”

So Swift fans, take note: your idol might just steal your look. “If I see a girl show up with this amazing shocking teal eyeshadow, I might try that the next night.”

For more behind-the-scenes footage of Swift’s CoverGirl shoot, check out the video above.

–Jennifer Cress


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