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Tavi Gevinson (a.k.a. Our Favorite 19-Year-Old ) on Beauty, Success and What She Hopes to Accomplish Before She's 21

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Ultimate cool girl. Most influential teen on the planet. Fashion world wunderkind. These are phrases we’d use to describe 19-year-old Tavi Gevinson. Not only did she launch her very own magazine (she’s currently the editor-in-chief of Rookie mag), but she’s also starred on Broadway alongside Michael Cera in the play This Is Our Youth. And now she’s leading the pack in a brand-new global campaign for Clinique to inspire millennials to achieve their goals. We sat down with the star to chat all things beauty and style, and to find out if we were Rookie material.

Tavi Gevinson for Clinique Courtesy Clinique
Courtesy Clinique

Gevinson is fronting Clinique’s #FaceForward campaign, featuring DJ Hannah Bronfman and Margaret Zhang, the stylish face behind the fashion blog Shine by Three. Centered on the skin care giant’s iconic 3-Step Skin Care System, the new ads are set to inspire young men and women to follow their dreams (which is something Gevinson clearly knows a thing or two about).

“I really liked filming the #FaceForward campaign commercials because all the questions were about creativity, inspiration and the kinds of things that I think people don’t normally associate with personal style or beauty but which, for me, go really hand in hand with how I put myself together and the way I feel,” Gevinson tells PEOPLE. “And it’s really nice to just get to talk about that stuff.”

So what’s Gevinson’s beauty routine like? “In the shower I’ll use the [Clinique Liquid] Facial Soap, and then I’ll do some pore cleanser. And then usually just [Clinique’s Dramatically Different] yellow lotion and a tinted sunscreen or CC cream,” Gevinson shares. “And I’m usually pretty simple, I’ll just do a little bit of black mascara on top, and then Clinique has these lip chubby sticks that I really like because it’s way easier than lipstick and I don’t feel anxious about it coming off or getting on my teeth. But yeah, usually pretty simple for me. And then I just let my hair air dry, and I’ll run some gunk through it to make it seem intentionally messy or something.”

Tavi Gevinson for Clinique Courtesy Clinique
Courtesy Clinique

While the star may have recently chopped her hair into a short, piecey pixie, before the major cut, she reminded us of how fun experimenting with hair can be, especially with bold hues, which is something we may see on her in the future.

“I’d love to do like, white blonde hair,” she says. “It would just be a welcome change, I think.” But there’s just one thing stopping her: the Internet.

“I can’t figure out how to book an appointment on Yelp. Like, I spent way too long yesterday — I should have just called them. That’s the affliction of people my age.”

And speaking of age, Gevinson says there’s a few things she hopes to accomplish before officially graduating to adulthood at 21.

“I get tripped up on long-term goals, but I would love to be someone who is always well-stocked on toilet paper, which doesn’t always happen, and I feel like I should have that figured out by then,” she tells PEOPLE. “I mean, I’m learning all the apartment nuances, it’s very hard. I would like to do a lot of traveling alone, and I don’t plan on going to college at the moment, but I would like to have taken classes and integrated that with everything else I’m keeping up with.”

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Tavi Gevinson for Clinique Courtesy Clinique
Courtesy Clinique

Gevinson also has some advice for finding success no matter how old you are.

“There’s no formula, you can really only trust that you know what you care about and what projects you’re passionate about, or what you feel like writing and talking about,” she says. “And if that passion comes through, that’s the thing people respond to. There are lots of writers who I love who write about subjects I would never be interested in, so they’ve thought about it so deeply and that’s very captivating. So I guess there’s no — I don’t really know how you get yourself out there, but I think just putting yourself out there and when you’re excited about what you’re doing, that always comes through.”

What do you think of Clinique’s newest campaign? Are you a fan of Tavi? Do you think she’s an influential millennial? Share below!

–Sarah Kinonen

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