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Tallulah Willis: Mom Demi Moore Taught Me to Love My Body

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When Tallulah Willis needs a fashion fix, she just calls on her mother, Demi Moore. “My mom has a warehouse of vintage clothes that she’s collected,” the college student tells “Every time we go back [home] to Idaho we grab a little bit more. It’s like your own personal vintage store.”

Showing off her favorite fashion finds in a video for the site (big sis Scout did her own video for them last year), Willis recalls the moments when she first got into clothes.

“I remember every day I would be like, ‘Scout, dress me. Put an outfit on me,'” she shares. “She’d dress me in these outfits and I would look ridiculous because they would be 10 sizes too big, but I didn’t care. From them on, dressing just because something I appreciated.”

She also appreciated her parents’ support; according to Willis, mom Moore “was very much like, ‘Love your body, love yourself, run around naked.’ Whatever we wanted to do, it was very accepting,” she says.

Dad Bruce had a similar mindset; Willis says he believed that “whatever you want to do, we love it.” However, it did take a little while for him to let go. “They’re a lot more protective; they want to keep me the baby for as long as possible,” she shares.

But it seems like the teen is doing just fine. Ruminating on friends who’ve battled eating disorders — “especially before Coachella,” she shares — she says she feels good about herself, proudly stating, “I don’t have to be insecure to fit in.”