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Tabatha's Takeover: Shailene Woodley Got It All Wrong

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C Flanigan/Filmmagic

We all know Tabatha Coffey, Bravo’s sharp-tongued Aussie style pro, from her stint on Shear Genius and her latest hit, Tabatha Takes Over. And now, she’s bringing her talents online, joining us at PEOPLE StyleWatch once weekly to dish on some of the best – and worst – celebrity looks of the week. Keep in mind the opinions below belong solely to the stylist … though she’s probably saying what lots of you are thinking, anyway!

Today, she takes on Shailene Woodley, who got extra cozy for the Sundance premiere of The Spectacular Now this week:

I think someone forget to cc me on the memo that it’s completely okay to show up to your Sundance premiere looking like you’ve been panhandling underneath the Seattle Space Needle for the last two years.

Oh wait, it’s not?

Well then, Shailene Woodley, what’s going on here? Did you forget your class in first class when you flew to Salt Lake City, Utah? Let’s start at the top, shall we?

The Hat: It would be cute if you were going to the mall with your best friend who just got done knitting it in that beginners class at the local yarn shop.

The Coat: It’s just too darn big. You have such a cute, petite figure to let something so big and boxy drape over you. I see you in a wool knee-length Chanel coat, belted at the waist of course.

The Scarf: I swear I saw this once in a Nirvana video circa 1993.

The Pants: Rethink your size. You’re much smaller than that.

The Shoes: Let me give you a little winter red carpet advice. If you know you’re going to be walking in salty snow then carry a small packet of wipes in your clutch, purse, knapsack or pocket. I don’t care where you put them, but just have them on hand to give shoes a once over before you present yourself in front of a camera. You look like you just got done tap dancing in baby powder.

And don’t give me the excuse it’s cold. I just got back from Finland. We’ll swap “cold” stories if you really want to go there.

–Tabatha Coffey

Tell us: Do you agree, or was Tabatha too harsh? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!