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Tabatha's Takeover: Miley Cyrus's Jumpsuit is Clown-Worthy, But I'm Not Laughing

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JB Lacroix/WireImage

We all know Tabatha Coffey, Bravo’s sharp-tongued Aussie style pro, from and her newest show, Tabatha Takes Over, which premieres again on April 4 at 10 p.m.! And now, she’s bringing her talents online, joining us at PEOPLE StyleWatch each week to dish on some of the bestand worst – celebrity looks of the week. Keep in mind the opinions below belong solely to the stylist … though she’s probably saying what lots of you are thinking, anyway!

Today, she takes on Miley Cyrus, who chose a very bold jumpsuit for a recent outing:

What in the world is Miley Cyrus wearing?! Am I looking at one of those Magic Eye posters where if I stare at it long enough I’ll see a schooner or an enchanted unicorn? So. Many. Stripes. Can’t. Focus.

Don’t get me wrong, I do love me some Miley. She is one youngster who I feel expresses her individuality and personality bravely. It’s difficult to be in the public eye, especially when you had to succumb to it at such an early age.

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But one thing is for damn sure: I cannot wrap my head around this ensemble. This is what Miley wore to the grand opening of Seacrest Studios at CHOC Children’s Hospital in California. Was she under the impression that she was going to be moonlighting as a clown for the day and ditched the wig, makeup and big red shoes at the last minute? Sorry to be a little harsh on you Miss Miley, but I’m only calling it as I see it.

One thing is for certain—I cannot get enough of her fantastic hair and makeup. This cut and style will always be at the top of my like list. It is so undeniably flattering for her face shape.

Seriously folks, not a lot of people can pull this look off, but Miley is one of them for certain. And those striking red lips, pronounced brows and defined eyes are so completely on trend. From the neck up, I say bravo. From the neck down, send in the clowns.

–Tabatha Coffey

Do you agree with Tabatha? Or do you love Cyrus’s wild look? Vote in our poll, then tell us how you feel in the comments below, and be sure to follow along with Tabatha as she live tweets her show Wednesday!

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