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Swag We'll Pay For: Hatley

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Recently, stars visiting the Luxury Lounge at the Toronto Film Festival declined to take most posh freebies – designer jeans and the like — but they couldn’t resist scooping up adorable Hatley pajamas, raincoats and slogan tees for their kids. Heath Ledger nabbed a pink pony print Horseplay raincoat and rain boots for his baby daughter Mathilda. Rachel Weisz shunned free makeup but happily grabbed Bear Naked rompers and onesies (left), a Bear raincoat and little red Moose boots for her infant son, Henry.

I relate to all the frenzy. Hatley is one of those clothing lines that make you realize you’ve crossed that indefinable line and developed Mommy (or Daddy) Sensibilities — it is irresistibly cute! I love seeing my little girl in Hatley’s Well Bred pajamas (appliquéd with a dog, cat, or horse on the tee and matching leggings) or her own pink Horseplay raincoat (love that Heath and I have the same taste!). It’s definitely swag that I’d pay for – in fact, I just bought some more the other day. — Alison Gee

Photo: Courtesy of Hatley