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Sundance Style Chatter: Cold Weather Beauty Secrets

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Evan Agostini/Getty

Besides the films and the star sightings, one of the major topics at the Sundance Film Festival is the weather and how unbelievably cold it is! Trying to look good while keeping chapped lips and cracking skin at bay isn’t easy so we asked a few of the stars who’ve been looking unfairly perfect to let us in on their cold weather beauty secrets.

Sienna Miller, promoting Interview: “I’m actually probably one of the most low-maintenance [people] -– to the point of being on the disgusting side. I was given a pot of Crème de la Mer, which is apparently in style. It’s like a really thick crème, but I don’t comit to using one thing.”

Gina Gershon, promoting Delirious and What Love Is: “You just have to keep putting stuff on your lips again and again and again. I just have to keep applying that Chapstick. And also that Rosebud Salve stuff is great.”

Gretchen Mol, promoting The 10: “It hits you out of nowhere — the dryness. You have to drink tons of water and try to get sleep. I love Dr. Hauschka, because its natural, beautiful, rich products, but not unnatural and smelly. I find the whole line pretty delicious.”

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Kate Walsh, in town to raise money for Picabo Street’s charity: “I rub>Vaseline on my face before I go to bed each night.”

Anna Faris, promoting Smiley Face: “Chapstick. I also have a really, really thick face lotion by Fresh called Crème Ancienne—oh God, maybe they’ll give me some! Listen to me! ‘[I have] these complicated feelings about swag,’ and then—oh, God. I’m so awful.”

Kristen Bell, supporting a friend who produced a film in the festival: “Crème de la Mer. It’s expensive, but there’s a reason why its expensive—because its worth it! I try to save it for when I really need it, and this is an occasion that calls for it.”

Vera Farmiga, promoting Never Forever: “Grapeseed oil. Pure extract of grapeseed. Absolutely. Just lather it on thick as a moisturizer.”

Drea de Matteo, promoting Broken English: Drea: “Oh, God. All I can say is that I use tons of ReVive product and Sonya Dakar. All their moisturizers and stuff like that. And then, you know, keep yourself pickled on alcohol.”