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Style Rx: Jessica Alba Makes a Rare Print-Mixing Misstep

Posted on

All Access Photo/Splash News Online

Who: Jessica Alba

Where: Walking around L.A. with her family

Diagnosis: Total outfit overload. Circuit board melting down. The scary thing is, the street style star can get away with things the rest of us mere mortals cannot. So if this look — the striped, oversized pocket tank, zigzag-print harem pants, black-and-white laceups and nautical piped cardigan — is a miss on her, imagine it on your average person. That’s why Alba must be stopped before the contagion spreads.

VOTE: “Obsessed or Hot Mess?”

Recommended treatment: All of these pieces on their own aren’t bad; it’s the combination (with the overly matchy color palette) that makes it a mess. The simplest fix: Swap in slim jeans to avoid that “chic clown college graduate” vibe from the contrasting stripes. If we can’t have that, perhaps untuck the tank and belt the whole thing. Alternatively, she could get a bottle of seltzer and a squirty flower and make extra cash at kids’ birthday parties.

What do you think of her outfit? How would you fix it? Tell us below!

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