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Style Rx: Jenna Dewan-Tatum Plays Pastie Peekaboo

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Alexander Tamargo/Getty

Who: Jenna Dewan-Tatum

Where: Celebrating Ocean Drive Magazine in Miami

Diagnosis: The red carpet pro makes a rookie mistake, misjudging the ability of her Maria Lucia Hohan dress to withstand camera flashes. What probably looked fine in front of a mirror reveals a bit more than intended on the red carpet. And while she was likely relieved she was wearing pasties (rather than the alternative), we’re also pretty sure the desired impression wasn’t supposed to be quite so … informative.

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Recommended treatment: Since most red carpet dresses are borrowed, meaning they can’t be lined, our next course of action would be to enlist husband Channing to take flash photos in a well-lit room and scrutinize before going out in public. Or she could just scrap the dress altogether. Jenna, we know you’re sexy. You don’t necessarily need to do the full Marilyn (with added X-ray vision) to prove it!

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