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Stars' Secret Weapon for Bronzed, Flawless Skin

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This month, we trade in our jeans for cutoffs, our sweaters for tanks, our lazy-Sunday loungewear for bikinis and (if we’re feeling bold) our full-sized shirts for crop tops. Which is why we’re also stocking up on Prtty Peaushun’s “Skin Tight” body lotion, the smoothing, perfecting, beautifying, glow-inducing product that Selena Gomez, Gwyneth Paltrow and Rihanna rely on when they’re showing a lot of skin.

Hear the interesting story behind Prtty Peaushun, find out why it works so well at covering up cellulite and other imperfections then click the product below the video (or click here) to order. And be sure to enter PEOPLE10 if you’re a new Joyus customer to receive 10% off your order of $50 or more, plus free shipping.

We used to recommend breaking out this stuff whenever you were going out in any itty-bitty item of clothing, but truth be told, we’ve started slathering it on before even going into the dressing room to try on an itty-bitty item. What can we say? There’s something really nice about trying on a bikini for the first time in months and not wanting to time travel back to the middle of January.

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The lotion comes in four shades. And don’t be afraid to go for one of the darker ones even if you’re fair — this editor uses it when she wants to get a nice temporary bronze and it never looks orange, streaky or fake. The colorless one (all the way on the left under the video) is great if you don’t want to add color, but just want to moisturize and mask any imperfections.

Suddenly, shorts season doesn’t seem so terrifying, right?

–Zoë Ruderman