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Stacy London Dyes Her Hair Ombré (Yes, Really!)

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Courtesy Rita Hazan/Inset: Getty

Did she clear this with Clinton first? Stacy London is rocking some bold (and majorly trendy) new locks.

On Tuesday, the superstylist, former What Not To Wear host and famous brunette Tweeted “Ok, kids. Get ready. Eek!” along with a link to celeb colorist Rita Hazan’s Instagram.

And that Instagram link led to a shot of Hazan and London posing together, showing off some very newly dip-dyed strands. “Stacy London says ‘Why choose blonde or brown when you can have both?'” Hazan wrote.

The filter makes it tough to discern exactly what’s going on there, hairwise, but it looks like London’s sporting six inches of bright blonde streaks starting about halfway down her head. It also appears that they kept her famous silver streak intact.

What do you think — are you loving her new look, or does this qualify as something “not to wear?”

–Alex Apatoff

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