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Spokesmodel Alert: Katherine McPhee Loves Her Sexy Hair

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Katharine McPhee may not have won the top spot on “American Idol,” but it was unanimous that week after week, she had the best hair (no offense to the silver fox Taylor Hicks). Apparently, those flowing raven locks didn’t just catch our eye, as she’s recently become the spokesperson for Sexy Hair.  Founder Mickey O’Rourke enthuses, “She is the epitome of the Sexy Hair image,” expaining that McPhee will help develop products as well as look smokin’ hot in all the upcoming ads through 2007. But before you run out and buy everything in the Big Sexy Hair line so your hair can look just like your Idol, remember that it’s not all hers! McPhee has previously gone on record as raving all about how much she loves her hair extensions.Melissa Liebling-Goldberg

Photo: Jeffrey Mayer/WireImage