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Something's Funny About Mad Men's Holiday Costumes ...

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Mad Men is known for its killer costumes, but there’s more than meets the eye to the ’60s-inspired looks — at least during the holiday season.

Janie Bryant, the show’s costume designer, loves to put a few special touches on the character’s more festive looks. “When it’s a holiday episode or something Joan always has [embellishments on the costumes],” Christina Hendricks told reporters of her character at the HFPA annual luncheon in Los Angeles last Thursday. “If it’s Halloween I’ve got a pumpkin. Or for Thanksgiving I’ll get acorns or something. Maybe the audience doesn’t even really notice it, but we think it’s funny.”

Like most women, Hendricks has certain styles she doesn’t feel comfortable wearing, but Bryant pushes her out of her comfort zone for her character’s sake. “She comes up with most everything. She designs a lot of pieces,” Hendricks said. “Every once in a while I’ll say, ‘Oh, I can’t wear that color. I can’t stand that color.’ And she’ll go ‘Mmm…’ But I kind of just trust her because she’s so good.”

Hendricks continued praising her co-worker. “She’s amazing. She’s extraordinarily talented, meticulous, creative, and also a good friend.” We have to agree with Hendricks; just look at those costumes!

–Jennifer Cress, with reporting by Patrick Gomez