August 30, 2011 08:30 PM

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Sofia Vergara has no problem with her “sexy” image, but she’s also happy to cover up sometimes.

“In my 20s, I would have on a miniskirt and the boobs,” the Modern Family star tells
USA Weekend
of her former style aesthetic. “Now, if I’m doing something short, I try to cover up [on top]. I’m almost 40, so I had to evolve — it’s natural.”

That doesn’t mean the star is shying away from her signature curve-hugging clothing — she’s just learning to modify it. “I love tight dresses,” she says. “But I don’t do now tight and short. I do tight and long.”

And although she loves to show off her rocking bod, don’t expect to see her strolling down the street in cutoff shorts. “My son’s friends and girlfriends are wearing them,” Vergara, who’s designing her own line for Kmart, shares. “I don’t feel it’s right.”

Vergara admits she spends “a lot of money” on bags and shoes, but often hunts for bargains while on the go. “I wear things I have found all over the world that don’t have to be expensive,” she explains. “I like to dress up.” She likes to be made up, too. “I won’t leave the house without at least mascara or lipstick. I think that’s a Latin thing,” she shares. “My mother would wake up in the morning to take us to school, and she was already putting on mascara.”

Citing jeans, dresses, colorful tops, bold jewelry and leggings as some of her favorite fashion staples, Vergara says her style downfall is the inability to rock risky trends. “I wish I was more like J. Lo,” she says. “[But] I know what works for me.”

–Kim Peiffer


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