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So Marc Jacobs Has Free Time Now. What Should He Do Post-Louis Vuitton? We Have Some Ideas.

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After 16 years as the creative director of Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs announced Wednesday that his spring/summer 2014 show would be his last for the line. And he confessed to WWD that his decision to go was extremely last minute — in fact, made on the morning of the show.

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“[Louis Vuitton owner Bernard Arnault] left it to us to decide,” Jacobs said in an interview. “And we had just — probably brought on by … all the rumors — we just decided like [today]” to leave the grand. Though many people felt the show had a funereal, retrospective vibe, Jacobs swears that’s all in their heads, saying “This was never my intention to be the last show … So again, whatever.”

Jacobs is leaving to focus more on his namesake brand, but he’s so used to juggling two major design houses that we have a feeling he may find himself with some extra time. So with that in mind, allow us to suggest some possibilities:

*Peacock breeder, in order to fuel his apparently insatiable desire to attach feathers to everything.
*Hawker of faux Louis Vuitton bags on the street (we bet he’d be pretty convincing!).
*Personal stylist and confidante to Miss Piggy, thanks to his prior experience.
*Manscaping consultant (we know he’s amazing with eyebrows).
*Miley Cyrus‘s personal wardrobe stylist. They’re buddies and she could use a hand.
*We’re also accepting new BFF applications. Must have a killer sense of style and a lot of cool clothes we can borrow. He may qualify.

–Alex Apatoff