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Sleepytime Bath & Body Products

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Courtesy of That Works

Oh, those summer nights . . .if the hot weather is keeping you up, forgo the sleep meds and try a relaxing bath and body product instead. Taking a warm bath has been shown to induce sleepiness — enhance the effect by adding a few drops of lavender-scented bath oil to your tub. Try This Works Deep Calm Bath & Shower Oil, $60 at, or Neutrogena Relaxing Shower and Bath Gel, $7, at Don’t feel like taking a bath? Just slather on some Johnson’s Melt Away Stress Body Lotion, $6, at The soothing moisturizer contains an exclusive lavender-tinged Aromasoothe fragrance, to ease muscle tension and relax your whole body. And if you still need a little extra help falling asleep, rub a little Origins Sleep Time On-the-spot Gel, $16, at onto your temples and the back of your neck. The chamomile and lavender aroma is practically guaranteed to provide you with an instant calm and induce a deep sleep. Add a cute Body Benefits sleep mask, $4 at and you’re set for serious slumber.