Kate Hogan
August 10, 2011 03:30 PM

Courtesy Sherri Shepherd

Is this her one small bag, or her personal item? Sherri Shepherd toted quite the carry on Tuesday on a flight from New York City, deciding to keep her wedding dress with her in flight.

“Headed out tomorrow 2 Chicago… I’m carrying my dress with me,” the View host Tweeted late Monday. “Hopefully the nice flight attendants will be able to store it-dress is huge.” Though she called customer service to see if her flight crew could accommodate her gown, she ultimately ended up keeping it with her. “May not have had any room to sit but I got my wedding dress on that plane,” she Tweeted.

Shepherd, who got engaged to TV writer Lamar Sally in December, is marrying her “baby” this weekend in Chicago. And though she’s revealed some details of her big day — her cake will be red velvet and her 6-year-old son Jeffrey will walk her down the aisle — the look of her dress, designed by Rivini, has stayed a secret. However, the talk show hostess did admit to lying about her dress size, kicking her into a diet and exercise frenzy last month. “Elisabeth [Hasselbeck] told me to tell the truth but I lied. So I’m going to the gym and starting Zumba tomorrow,” she joked in June.

But just like any bride, she’s feeling those pre-wedding jitters regardless. “I’m so nervous I can’t sleep,” she told Twitter followers. “Have a great night & thanks for putting up with my marital ramblings!”

–Kate Hogan


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