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Share Your Thoughts On This Week's Story: Too Young For Lipo?

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This week’s issue of PEOPLE magazine features a story about 12-year old Brooke Bates, who made a shocking decision to undergo liposuction surgery after struggling with being overweight her whole life. Brooke’s choice — and the circumstances that led her parents and their doctor to support her in this decision — is a moving one that is sure to stir some debate. At 220 lbs before the operation, she is now a happier and healthier young lady. Her blood pressure is down, and she is sticking to a strict diet and regular exercise routine. Current weight: 155 lbs. Click here to read Brooke’s story in full, and then come back here to share your thoughts.

Is 12-years old too young for cosmetic surgery of this kind? Or is it a way to give a chronically overweight girl a new lease on life? Feel free to share your own thoughts and feelings about struggling with weight-loss. We’d love to hear from you.

Please click here to read PEOPLE’s feature, Too Young For Lipo, before commenting.