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See Our Worst Hair Moments — and Show Us Yours!

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Bad hair days: We’ve all had them, and yeah, they pretty much stink. And while we hate them in the moment, it can be fun to look back on them when we need a good laugh (honestly — that time my bangs frizzed up on a bad first date is pretty hilarious now).

We showed you some of our worst bad hair day moments in the November issue of PEOPLE StyleWatch (see a sampling at left — these editors are brave for sharing!) and now it’s your turn. We want you to share the baddest of your bad hair days — the one where you looked like Bozo the Clown, Cousin It or something in between.

So Tweet us a pic at @StyleWatchMag or post your awesomely bad photo to Instagram, using the hashtag #YTBADHAIR, and we’ll select some of our favorites to share with StyleWatchers everywhere. Don’t worry, we won’t be laughing at you — we’ll be laughing with you!