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See Designer Charlotte Ronson's Take on Mirror Mirror's Snow White

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Courtesy Charlotte Ronson

We have an inkling that
Mirror, Mirror
could be fairest of them all at the box office this weekend, but you can earn that esteemed title, too — with a pretty Snow White T-shirt from Charlotte Ronson. The designer recently created just 50 shirts, all emblazoned with this image of Snow in her swan fascinator (left). “I always love a good fairytale, so it was a really fun side project,” Ronson tells PEOPLE. “Snow White was one of my favorite stories growing up, and I loved this modern-day take on her. I love that she’s the hero in the story, but still lovely, feminine, confident, sweet and independent.” The Lolita-esque image, which is completely black, white and gray save for Snow’s red lips, was inspired in part by the film’s star, Lily Collins, too. “She definitely encompasses young beauty,” Ronson says. “And she seems to be a great role model for young women.” The designer, who hasn’t seen the film yet, is excited to check it out in theaters this weekend, she says. “The costumes are amazing, from what I’ve seen.”