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Secrets From the Set: The Dirt on Courteney Cox's New Role

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If only we editors here at People got to spend our evenings swanning around Hollywood soirees in red couture evening gowns, engaging in witty, cocktail-fueled repartee with movie execs named Harvey. But, we can still appreciate how great tabloid editor-in-chief Lucy Spiller, as played by Courteney Cox in her first post-Friends TV role, looks in her crimson evening gown in the premiere episode of Dirt. It’s by designer Justo Artigas, and Cox had to be sewn into the garment every time she put it on, according to the FX publicity department. Ah, the sacrifices one must make for beauty. Not that Cox had to sacrifice too much: “She can literally wear a paper sack and make it look great,” gushed the show’s costume designer, LuEllyn Harper. Harper used designers like Prada, Costume National, Stella McCartney and Donna Karan for Lucy’s power wardrobe, and favored sharp silhouettes to mach the editrix’s sharp personality. “Her clothes have a sexiness to them, but she’s still this powerful businesswoman,” says Harper. “We mix business pieces with making her look good.” Can you wardrobe us next?

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Photo: FX