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SAG Awards 2016: Sarah Silverman Rivals Pedro Pascal for Best Mustache of the Night


It may be almost the end of January, but tonight’s Screen Actors Guild Awards red carpet looked more like we were in the midst of Movember considering all of the famous male (and singular female) faces who chose to sport some very interesting facial hair this evening.

Sarah Silverman Mustache Facial Hair
Kevork Djansezian/Getty

Sarah Silverman kicked off the onslaught of ‘staches, reviving her 2009 Emmys gag and plastering on some artificial facial hair and putting on her glasses to present an award while muttering, “God, I was hoping I wouldn’t need these, I’m sorry, it’s embarrassing.” But compared to some of the other choice whisker fashions in attendance, the comedian’s upper-lip covering actually looked quite chic paired with her cream Vivienne Westwood gown.

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In fact, some of her gentlemen colleagues would be well served to take a cue out of Silverman’s well-groomed guidebook. Pedro Pascal kept his mustache trim and tidy, giving off some very 70s vibes paired with his bow-tie and disheveled bouffant. Christian Bale, on the other hand, was clearly channeling Ron Swanson and his full and hearty facial hair with some similarly ginger-hued scruff of his own. Which brings us to the most truly troubling stubble of the evening, the intriguing mustache/neckbeard combo that can currently be found inhabiting Kit Harington‘s chiseled visage. Perhaps it’s just the angle, but Kit’s mustache seems a little sparser about the cupid’s bow than usual. Clearly, he’s trying to communicate something to us about the fate of Jon Snow, and judging from the current state of his scruff, the outlook seems dire.

Christian Bale Kit Harrington Pedro Pascal Facial Hair
Kevin Mazur/Getty; Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic; USA TODAY Sports

What do you think of these male celeb’s mustaches? Do you like these celebs better with or without facial hair?

–Emily Kirkpatrick