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Rumer Willis: It's a 'Bummer' I Can't Wear Mom's Shoes

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Rumer Willis has admitted to raiding mom Demi Moore‘s closet in the past, but there’s one item she can’t ever get away with borrowing: shoes.

“She’s a size-and-a-half smaller than me in shoes, so I can’t wear any of them,” she told PEOPLE recently at Arcade Boutique’s second annual Autumn Party at the London in West Hollywood. “It’s kind of a bummer.”

However, Willis wouldn’t necessarily want to be in her mom’s Jimmy Choos and Christian Louboutins all the time anyway: the actress said she doesn’t wear heels during the day very often. “When I see women walking around L.A. in heels I just wonder how they can do it,” she shared. “I’m baffled.”

That goes for New York City, too, where walking rules. But Willis explained that when she’s spending time in Manhattan, her style changes to fit the city’s vibe. “You almost become this very different person,” she said. “I don’t know what it is.”

But regardless of where she’ll be in the weeks ahead, the big sis to-be has a few staples on her fall shopping list. “A cashmere sweater, definitely a good pair of boots and maybe some looser jeans,” she said. “I can’t do the tight jeans in winter because you have to put long johns underneath them and it never works. But that’s only if you’re in a winter state. California … not so much.”

–With reporting by Reagan Alexander