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Rumer Willis Dons a Bikini, Channels Her Inner Rap Diva for 'SPF' Parody Video

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Hopefully, you’ve been practicing safe sun all summer long, but just in case, we have a PSA reminder for you, and it’s from an unlikely source — style personality Rumer Willis.

The star cameos in a risqué PSA video for sunscreen created by Broadway performer Constantine Rousouli. The video, titled “SPF,” is a spoof of Ariana Grande’s summer anthem “Problem,” featuring Australian rapper Iggy Azalea.

As the lone girl in a sea of beefy dudes, Willis dons a bikini and handles the hook, whispering “Rub that SPF on, you gotta rub that SPF on, you gotta rub that SPF on, you better rub that, rub that s— on,” while applying sunscreen to the bare chests of assorted hunky guys. And is only appropriate for a video about sun protection, she rocks an assortment of skimpy suits throughout the video and dances suggestively while video director Jake Wilson raps about the importance of using sunscreen.

It may be goofy (okay, it is goofy), but we can’t say we don’t support the message. What do you think of the spoof? Catchy? Share your thoughts below.

–Isabel Sanhueza