September 28, 2011 05:30 PM

Antony Jones/UK Press/ABACA

Model-actress Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is one busy girl — glamming it up for Burberry Body and taking time to shoot ads with Ryan Reynolds, to name a few key tasks — so not surprisingly, she has “a pretty tight beauty regime,” she tells PEOPLE.

Her first secret? She doesn’t go overboard with product. “I don’t like to be worn by makeup or worn by clothes,” she shares. “It’s all about enhancing what you have. I want to feel as close to my natural self as I can at all times. So, unless I’m doing a crazy photo shoot, I want to feel like myself.”

To that end, you’ll rarely find the star wearing lipstick when she’s not in front of the camera. “It’s not my favorite piece of makeup,” she admits. “I don’t [put] anything on my lips … I think it can get a bit much.”

While she is naturally gorgeous, Huntington-Whiteley does require some upkeep. For instance, she’s serious about grooming her eyebrows. “It’s one thing that I always pay close attention to,” she says. And proper haircare is a must. “If you can’t afford to maintain your hair, don’t dye it,” she states.

A final word of wisdom? “I really am very conscious about wearing sun cream,” she shares. “I find it really important to religiously moisturize and exfoliate.”

And even though the Transformers star always manages to look flawless, don’t expect to find her sitting still for hours in the makeup chair. “It’s not a long process because I don’t like to spend a long time fussing over things,” she says. “I give myself an hour-and-a-half [or] two-hour time frame from being naked to getting dressed and walking out the door.”

–Kim Peiffer, with reporting by Jackie Fields


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