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Robin Wright: I Will Never Put on a Corset Again

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The American FIlm Company

“I will never put on a corset again. I vow to never wear one again,” The Conspirator‘s Robin Wright told PEOPLE Sunday at the film’s Washington, D.C., premiere. “That was the toughest part of the role, wearing that in the 100-degree heat on the set.” In addition to “sweating profusely” on location in Savannah, Ga., Wright and costar Evan Rachel Wood dealt with extra-heavy hoop skirts, too. “Having to walk around with your own gravitational pull was insane,” Wood said. “I don’t know how women did that. Robin and I kept talking about that the whole time. Even sitting down becomes an event.” While Wood has worked with corsets before (and on horseback!), she said she could never envision herself living during the Civil War era, when the film is set. “Absolutely not,” she exclaimed. “Mainly because of the corsets and the hoop skirts.” But the lack of makeup was jarring, too. Normally a makeup every day type of girl, Wood admits she “can’t leave the house without mascara.” However, her role as the daughter of a woman accused of conspiracy in the assassination of Abraham Lincoln required a decidedly less glam look. “It’s part of the territory,” she explained. “Playing a historical person, it helps. I didn’t think I looked anything like the [character] until they put the eyebrows on me, and the hair. It’s kind of eerie.” —Arnesa A. Howell